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Overview on complaints management and the work of the Ombud

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Receiving, investigating and resolving complaints about health establishments that do not meet legislated standards of care is a key feature of the mandate of the Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC) which includes providing support to the Health Standards Ombud appointed by the Minister.

Once regulations are in place, the Ombud and the OHSC will strive to make it easy for individuals with legitimate complaints to lodge these complaints and will use the special powers conferred on our investigators to conduct thorough investigations that lead to fair and valid conclusions.

The brief of the OHSC and the Ombud will be to receive and respond to complaints impartially, treating all complainants equally regardless of where they live, how much they earn, what education they have or what language they speak.


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All complaints, whether they are made by phone, by e-mail or in writing, will be recorded by a single Complaints Centre after which they will be evaluated and dealt with appropriately. Only some will require full-scale investigations, which may also involve the inspection of health facilities and the use of our staff's powers to question individuals and scrutinise evidence.
The CEO of the OHSC and the Complaints Management Unit are tasked by legislation to work closely with the Health Standards Ombud to provide a quality service. The Ombud provides added depth to the service through adjudicating particularly complex matters and overseeing the decisions of staff.

Expert medical, pharmaceutical and health system knowledge is sometimes necessary in order to fully understand the complexities of complaints. Although the OHSC's investigating team will have healthcare and legal training, members may sometimes lack the specialist expertise required for particular cases. The OHSC and the Ombud will have access to an Expert Panel, comprising specialists who are leaders in their field, to assist them on a part-time basis.

Because the OHSC focuses on health establishments and on enforcing their compliance with prescribed norms and standards, the complaints service of the Office will have a similar scope. We will only investigate complaints that concern health establishments (in contrast to individual healthcare workers) for which norms and standards have been prescribed.
Initially the Complaints Centre will focus on complaints relating to public and private hospitals and clinics, but this focus will be gradually expanded.

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